Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some illustrations...

I didn't feel very inspired to sew last night, so instead I scanned in some pen drawings and colored them in Photoshop. My way of procrastinating without feeling too least it's sort of related to work. Right right?

This one started as a pen drawing of my scarf top design. Ummm, I got carried away and did her eyeshadow!

This is something I had to submit for Mode de Vie. It's an eco-fashion show that happens every year at La Gaillarde. Six designers have to make an outfit using recycled materials according to a theme. This year's theme is "ice". Hmmm I'm not sure that the actual dress will turn out like this, but at least this is the direction I'd like to go in. For this drawing, I scanned in a cover of a vintage pattern, used the girl's body, and pasted my hand-drawn dress on top of it.


  1. That second drawing is amazing! I love it.

  2. Wow these are fabulous! I always wanted to draw well!

  3. both of these are beautiful, Supayana!