Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crazy for apps...

Weeping willows are one of my favorite trees! Here's a picture I took along the St. Lawrence River yesterday. I took it on my phone using the Hipstamatic app. That app is pure makes everything look so magical and vintage.

I know I'm a little late on the iphone bandwagon. I resisted for so long! Well, I'm a convert now. It's KIND of amazing to be able to answer work emails anywhere. It was a huge help when I was in NY last week, too. Not to mention that there are sooo many awesome apps for like, everything you could think of.

Here are a few I downloaded:
-Period Tracker (Does exactly what you think it does. Really useful for scheduling trips!)
-iPlant (Describes properties of plants, has photos, tells you which ones are edible!)
-Photosynth (Makes 3D models of the space you're in, kind of like google street view.)

Then of course I downloaded some apps that make cat sounds to drive my cats crazy. Are there any apps that you guys could recommend me? I'm pretty open- they can be super useful or really silly.