Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angie and the Uniform Project!

My friend/studiomate Angie of Norwegian Wood was asked to participate in this month's Uniform Project. She had to wear the same black dress every day, and did it with style! I couldn't believe the things she came up with....it looked like a completely different garment every time. Oh and, just to confirm...she actually did wear it every day!

The Uniform Project collected donations to a charity of her choice (Free the Children) who will be using the money to build a school in India. Today is the last day to donate, hint hint.

I love the concept of reusing the same garment in different ways. Check out all of her outfits here:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New for the holidays....

Bralettes! They are so pretty and come in handy, especially for dresses that have low armholes or low backs....

I made a whole bunch of bralettes during a recent late-night at the studio! Marc, Angie, and I decided to work til 3 in the morning one night last week. I probably wouldn't have liked to do it alone, but it was really great to be there working with my friends!

Otto watching TV

Our cat Otto has become an avid TV watcher this past month. He never used to pay attention to the television...but now he begs me to turn the TV on.

Here's a video of him swatting at a little character on Freddy's Xbox....too cute! Heheh my boyfriend was not too happy when he saw this video and immediately began checking the screen for scratches....heheh. Boys....

Hope all of my American friends had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why can't we all just get along?

I promise my blog won't become a cat blog. I love to see things like this because it really proves that friendship can win over instinct. I think as humans it is in our instinct to be afraid of other people/living things who are different. Maybe if we all made an effort, our world could look like this?

Friday, November 19, 2010

United Bamboo's fancy cat calendar!!!

I know what I want for Christmas! Cats+ designer clothing= DREAMY! (I normally think it's kind of creepy to dress cats but these clothes are so darn nice!)


"Hanging Out at the Studio" by Yana Gorbulsky on LOOKBOOK.nu

I joined Lookbook.nu today....are any of you guys on there? I just did, and oh my gosh, that website is so intimidating! It feels like everyone has these amazing professional pictures of their impeccable daily outfits. Even my pictures for my online shop don't look as professional as some peoples' casual "hanging out" pics.

Regardless, I think Lookbook's a great source for when you're in a funk and want some style inspiration...looking forward to spending many hours there instead of working. I've been procrastinating SO MUCH lately!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Corduroy and velvet skirts!

There are always a few vintage supplies I keep my eyes peeled for when I'm out thrifting- cotton lace, pompom trim, and crazy printed corduroy...just to name a few! I've been stockpiling nice vintage corduroy and velvet fabrics with the idea that one day I'd make a whole bunch of cute skirts.

Pretty happy with how they turned out....it's a pretty simple shape but it's really flattering for my body type....makes me feel like a lady! :-D

You can take a closer look at the skirts in my shop.