Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleepy kitty!

I snapped this pic yesterday. Little Girl is passed out on her cat cushion on the window sill. I love how her little leg is hanging off the edge. I gotta work on making those cushions a little bigger, haha.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

24 heures

My fringe tank was in the 24 Heures (a french newspaper here in Mtl). The photos are from the eco-fashion show that took place last week at La Gaillarde.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dressform + new injury

Today I picked up my new dressform! Elaine hooked me up with this guy on Chabanel who was selling it for $35...what a steal! The fabric was really stained and torn in a few spots, but it's a Wolf, has collapsible shoulders, and the height is adjustable by an old-school metal pedal. So nice!

I took it apart and made a white "t-shirt", slipped it on, and put all the parts back together. Now it's as good as new.



In the process, I staple-gunned right through my pointer finger. It actually didn't hurt that much....surprising. If you're wondering what the band-aid on my thumb is for...I sewed through that finger yesterday. Guess I can never be a hand model.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


stop the hate
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My day consisting of biking, thrifting, eating delicious sorbet from the Jean Talon Market, then joining friends for a backyard BBQ. My favorite kind of day.

Here's a pic that Sarah took on our ride back to the sud-ouest. A heart-shaped red light...cute!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Camera phone pics...

I recently uploaded my cell phone pics. 
(I just learned how to do that, sad!)

Here are my favorites-

1. Little Girl covering her eyes. Awwwww....

2. Some dude walking around Brooklyn with a big green parrot on his shoulder. HMm.

3. My dad and my little neice, Bella. Chubby cheeks!

4. Amanda, Angie, and Jill at of the best weekends ever!!! Backstage passes rule.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day

This Wednesday is Earth Day! La Gaillarde is having a recycled fashion show featuring a few pieces from each designer at the shop.

Here is Jacynthe René on a morning show called "RDI Matin" talking about the fashion show. She's wearing my shirt, yippee. :-)

Defile pour La Terre (Fashion show for the Earth)
7pm, $20
4019 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
Info/tickets: (514) 989-5134.

What are you guys doing on Earth Day?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

buy a necklace, help a kitty :-)

I recently made a whole bunch of these shoelace necklaces from shoelaces I got from La Gaillarde. Some of my friends think they're awesome, but Freddy and Garry think I look like I work at Foot Locker. JEEEEEZ, they don't get it! 

Anyway, I was torn on how to price them cause it's literally a bundle of shoelaces that I got for next to I decided I'm just gonna donate the profit.  Geeta was telling me how she just started volunteering at a cat shelter and they need money super bad to keep the place running, so I'll just send the money there. YAY CATS!

Buy the necklace here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vote for Etsy

Treehugger is having their yearly "best of" contest. Vote for etsy for best handmade goods website!

Oh, and treehugger decided to use my picture to represent Etsy, how crazy is that!?!? Wow, I am beyond flattered right now...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Worth remembering

It makes perfect sense that human beings can't store everything in their long term memory. It would drive one crazy to remember everything, but maybe we never actually forget. There are a few theories out there that suggest that everything's just tucked somewhere deep in our subconscious. It's kind of like that nondescript shirt that's stuck in the back of the closet. You forget all about it until you do your spring cleaning. 

Today I remembered one such memory from the past. An event so uneventful, it's a wonder it made it into the overstuffed closet of my brain. I was 12 years old, laying in a woven hammock in our backyard on Long Island. The hammock was tied a really beautiful, ancient oak tree. My mom used to say that the tree used to be a wise old man before it was a tree (it had a big knot in the center that resembled a wrinkly face). There was a slight breeze that moved the leaves back and forth, and the sun would twinkle and sometimes get in my eyes. At that moment, I remember thinking about how lucky I was. I remember feeling so happy, but for no reason really. It seemed like any other afternoon...

I feel like life always gives us hints. Maybe the purpose of remembering this was to remind myself that I don't need anything to be happy, I just need to be...and then I will be happy. It's funny how certain things are so obvious when you're young. It's almost like we unlearn as we get older.

Some new press...

One of my tops was featured in this month's "Chatelaine" magazine. I've never read this magazine before, because it takes me an hour to read a paragraph in French. So lazy! I guess it's kind of like Quebec's version of Marie Claire. My shirt is on the bottom.

French lesson of the day:
Qui est cette femme? Je ne sais pas!
(Who is this lady? I don't know!)

Le chemise jaune avec la dentelle est Supayana.
(The yellow blouse with the lace is Supayana)

I can't remember if lace is feminine or masculine, but it only makes sense for it to be feminine.  HMphhh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here are some recent recycled silk pieces I made.
AHHH I love silk. There's nothing else that makes me feel as decadent. Well, besides chocolate covered cherries. WHICH, I have been eating every three hours for the past two days. There's iron in dark chocolate right right???

 I made poor Freddy drive to a big Trader Joe's in New Jersey so I can get my chocolate fix. I left with two 1 lb bars of chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered blueberries, and 2 bags of chocolate covered pretzels. That should get me through the month!

Yep, I'm a chocolate addict.