Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Smart Design Mart

Argh!!! It's been crazy busy the past couple of days. Just wanted to post a quick little update. HQ Galerie & Boutique, Broundoor, Elaine Ho, Furni, and I are organizing the Smart Design Mart this weekend. There will be over 50 of Montreal's finest designers. We're getting a TON of press coverage so it should be a great turnout! It's the first one, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.


sat nov 28
11am -9pm

sun nov 29

5333 casgrain
suite 602

Hopefully see some of you there?

P.S. Thank you everyone for all of your comments and your advice regarding the kitty cat. So, since I've last posted, she's only come back to my house once for food. I tried to coax her inside today but she didn't want to come in, and when I tried to pick her up she freaked out. I guess it's because it's warm outside again...I'm sure as soon as it gets cold out, she'll try to come in, and now I'll know what to do. I have so many great contacts now, thanks to you!

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