Thursday, November 19, 2009


I took this pic of her a few weeks ago. Her face looks kind of long here, but it's actually really cute and round.


  1. ohhh! she's so pretty! love her grey color.... deck kitty!

  2. I knowwwwww she's soooo pretty :-( Well, except for that wound by her ear...

    Want a 4th cat?

  3. aww so cute! looks like she could be related to our kitties.
    did you say she's pregnant??

  4. Awww kitty:(

    It's probably a good thing I don't live there; I already have too many animals. I can't turn away a helpless little face! Luckily I found a home for the little pup we recently found, because otherwise I think I'd be arrested for having a zoo without a permit.

    Do they have spay shuttles in Canada? A lot of organizations have free mobile clinics for spaying and neutering - you can even bring in the neighborhood strays and have them sterilized and vaccinated for free.

  5. Aww <3 At least she has someone nice and caring to take care of her and feed her. =]

  6. AWww I would so take her if I was living in Canada! We are looking to get a kitty ourselves soon and I am definitely rescuing a kitty from a shelter when it comes time to get one.