Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angry rant time

I'm so sad and angry right now. A stray cat has been coming to my back deck for a couple of weeks now and she tried to come inside tonight. I can't let her in because we really cannot have a third cat. Freddy would KILL me if I tried to keep her. Also she's got fleas, or some sort of parasite because her skin is all bumpy near her neck.

I know she's homeless because she's got some tears in her ears, fleas, and her coat isn't looking very healthy. UM and I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be pregnant because she yelped when I tried to touch her stomach...and her stomach didn't feel squishy like Little Girl's. She is really sweet and affectionate though...she lets me pet her and rubs up against my leg.

I put up several ads on craigslist a few weeks ago, asking if anyone had lost a cat and I didn't get a response. I'm pretty sure somebody just dumped her because she is definitely a domesticated cat...not stray from birth. It makes me soooooo angry that people can be so cruel. How can you just toss your pet out on the street like that?

They fully rely on you and trust you to take care of them. People are such assholes! At least have the decency to bring your cat to a shelter. Ugh, and these poor shelters...they're all packed to the brim right now. It's really, really sad.

I wish more people in Quebec would sterilize/neuter their pets. The stray cat problem here is higher than in any other province in Canada. I've actually met some people here who think that neutering your pet is "cruel". UMMMM, no, it's cruel to let your cat screw feral cats who will in turn produce more feral cats.

Does anyone know of any no-kill shelters that are still accepting?? Everyone I've contacted seems to be full. I want to try and place her somewhere by early next week...

Argh... sometimes it's hard not to hate humans. Especially humans who have no respect for other living things.

Sorry for the rant. I just had to.


  1. is the belly part a reference to ponyo!?

  2. No, I haven't seen Ponyo! It looks cute though :-) Umm my calico cat's name is Little Girl, just to clear up any confusion :-D

  3. p.s:
    i can't stand the mistreatment of pets.
    if you don't want your pet, there are lots of people willing to take them off your hands. i've seen/heard of so many cats being found in really rough shape because of that.
    there was a cat recently saved that was living in an abandoned car for months. she had multiple infections and was FIV positive. she was fortunate to be found by such a generous person who took her in and brought her to the vet, paying for multiple surgeries (on her own) while training to be a vet assistant and working at a pet store.
    so sad that this happens so often!

  4. :-( That is really great that she did that. Ugh, I just spend all evening reading up about adoption centers in Quebec and I was in tears by the end! There was this one story about how the SPCA rescued a group of huskies recently, who were left tied to a fence up north for weeks with no food or water. The thing that made me start bawling- the people who rescued them said the dogs were trying to wag their tails even though they were too weak to walk. These poor dogs still had trust in humans! Omg, so sad!

  5. p.s. you're so right, it happens all the time.

  6. ahhh, i want to do be the rescuer! even though it would kill me every time. i find it hard to read stories like that just because i can't comprehend how heartless a person could be.
    though it is a touchy subject, if it were babies found like that(which also happens, just not as often) it would be all over the media. "a person is a person no matter how small!" :(

  7. That's awful. I can't stand it when people even try to find a home for their pet because they are moving in with a mate who is allergic, much less straight up abandoning it. It breaks my heart, I can't imagine ever doing that to my cat. Best of luck with the furry purry, I hope a no-kill shelter will let her in.

    Sarah Louise

  8. A few years ago when I was living in Wisconsin the state was playing around with the idea of passing law to allow "hunting of feral cats" to protect songbirds. People could literally shoot uncollared cats in the neighborhood - unbelievable! Fortunately they never pursued that law but I doubt it had much to do with compassion towards animals. :(

  9. I live in Toronto and not allowed to have a cat or else I would help. Last year my mother in law found kittens in her storm windown ledge. One of them had a bum eye. They were so cute, but so not friendly. Their mother was a stray cat that some owners had left behind when they moved and she went around and got pregnant 4 different times raising 4 different litters. We called a shelter but they said that if they were too young they would have to "euthanize" them. JERKS! We fed the mother and the babies until one day they just took off.

  10. When cats are indeed pregnant they do come to houses looking for food and for a safe place to give birth. I had a skinny, tiny but friendly cat do the same thing to my back door, had no idea she was pregnant until my moms friend noticed her nipples looked wet. Sure enough, months later, 5 kittens started creeping out from my deck and now 4 of those kittens are mine but one died:(. The kittens are no longer ferel and the mom still hangs out outside and we feed her, had her fixed because unfortunetely no shelters would take her and she refuses to use a litter box.

  11. Aww this post just made me so sad/mad too! We just took in a stray kitten who was left all alone outside when he was less than a month old! A stray must have had a litter or something, and I think he might have been the runt...but he could still barely see!
    And another stray, adult, has been living on my back porch too! He seems really sick, he sounds like he has trouble breathing, and his eyes are all goopy, but he won't let me near him. He runs away or he hisses and tries to scratch me, so I just put a little box with a blanket out and have been giving him food and cat milk for now. I don't want to let him in in case he has fleas or infects my pooch and the new kitten...but I don't know what to do!
    I hope you find a safe home for your kitty. My friend Caroline started a rescue called Eleven Eleven Rescue, look her up, she might be able to help!

  12. I got my cat at SPCA Monteregie... I know they are a no-kill shelter and I suppose they almost always accept new animals. The only problem is that you'd have to drive 30-45 minutes to get the cat there.

  13. SPCA is the best options so far....they kill aimals IF they represent a threat or if they are very sick and impossible to rescue. They work very hard right now to get more funds and to be able to rescue more animals and I have a lot of respect for their work. Too bad I just adopted a new kitten weeks a go and I HAD HER STERILIZED :)