Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Freddy and I have volunteered to make cupcakes for his niece's baptism. I wanted them to be special so I found some cute cupcake liners on from Cupcake Social on Etsy. Freddy's sister liked the burgundy striped ones. I had a look around the shop and I couldn't resist buying these two for myself.

OMG, I will buy anything with a scalloped edge.

Red, white, and polka dots, you are my friend.


  1. those scalloped liners are ridiculously cute, thanks for sharing the etsy shop.

  2. holy jeez! that's such a great store! those scallopped ones are too pretty to be real!
    wow! your niece is one lucky gal!

    p.s. the "VENDU" sign is up at your future home! yay!

  3. hey missy! do you speak french yet? i just came back from paris (and all over europe) and thought of you. actually, now that i think about it, i brought along one of your luxuriously wonderful shirts to wear, too: