Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angie and the Uniform Project!

My friend/studiomate Angie of Norwegian Wood was asked to participate in this month's Uniform Project. She had to wear the same black dress every day, and did it with style! I couldn't believe the things she came up with....it looked like a completely different garment every time. Oh and, just to confirm...she actually did wear it every day!

The Uniform Project collected donations to a charity of her choice (Free the Children) who will be using the money to build a school in India. Today is the last day to donate, hint hint.

I love the concept of reusing the same garment in different ways. Check out all of her outfits here:

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  1. I saw this project the first time it was done, i think an Indian girl did it. And I donated! It was a really great project, and that girl came up with some awesome ideas wearing that same black dress for an entire year!