Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Been busy working on some fall ideas, house hunting, and showing my sister around town. She came to visit Montreal for a few days with her friend Vera and just left today. We ate lots of delicious food, walked around, and took a day trip to Mont St. Hilaire. She took lots of pictures, so I'll steal one from her later and post it.

I did manage to list some new things on Etsy today. One of my favorite new items is this top, which I called the "Petit Dejeuner" top. It means "breakfast" in French, btw. The vintage deadstock fabric is so cute!

You may wonder why a lot of my recent shirts have a French ring to them. Well, I have French on the brain! I found out last week that I'm going to Paris (!!!!) in late September for the Ethical Fashion Show! I was sooo lucky to get a round trip ticket for free, thanks to the OFQJ. The grant is intended for French speaking Quebecers, so I had to fill out all of the paperwork in French, answer lots of questions in French, and talk to people on the phone in French, which usually makes me pee my pants, but I freaking did it and I'm really proud of myself. I just need to keep practicing and be more assertive. Le sigh.

So yeah, that's good news! :-) Are you guys going on any trips this fall?


  1. What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!!

  2. félicitation! paris son une bonne reason pour utlisez le francais.
    k. thats my french for the month..

  3. omg, congrats Yana! Good for you! You deserve it.