Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Custom doilies!

My custom doilies came in the mail today!!! I love them!!!

I found out about this great Etsy shop called Crocheting by Rose through the girls over at Victoire. They got a really pretty one made for their boutique- it looked so beautiful displayed under glass.

Well, needless to say, I couldn't resist getting some doilies made with my cats names on them! I also ordered Supayana one, hehe. Now I want to find some cute vintage frames so I can treasure them forever.

The lady who makes them is an elderly woman named Rose, and her daughter runs the Etsy shop. Apparently her mom's been doing it for years, so she's really fast. It took her less than a week to make all three doilies! The price is amazing, too. Go, order a doily!


  1. man, these are the best!! they're so cute & reasonable priced that you can't help but buy them in bulk! I got one for my cats along with the one for the shop too!

  2. i love that we both thought to get some with our cats names on them! hahaha! I threatened freddy that I would get a "Freddy <3 Yana" one...he said no.

  3. the doilies are super cute! I just orderd some! also for my shop and I really like the idea of framing them!