Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some new press...

One of my tops was featured in this month's "Chatelaine" magazine. I've never read this magazine before, because it takes me an hour to read a paragraph in French. So lazy! I guess it's kind of like Quebec's version of Marie Claire. My shirt is on the bottom.

French lesson of the day:
Qui est cette femme? Je ne sais pas!
(Who is this lady? I don't know!)

Le chemise jaune avec la dentelle est Supayana.
(The yellow blouse with the lace is Supayana)

I can't remember if lace is feminine or masculine, but it only makes sense for it to be feminine.  HMphhh.

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  1. haha you are so funny and adorable. i wish i could learn another language, but then i wouldnt have anyone to talk it to anyway!
    congrats on getting published again :)