Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here are some recent recycled silk pieces I made.
AHHH I love silk. There's nothing else that makes me feel as decadent. Well, besides chocolate covered cherries. WHICH, I have been eating every three hours for the past two days. There's iron in dark chocolate right right???

 I made poor Freddy drive to a big Trader Joe's in New Jersey so I can get my chocolate fix. I left with two 1 lb bars of chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered blueberries, and 2 bags of chocolate covered pretzels. That should get me through the month!

Yep, I'm a chocolate addict.


  1. hahahaha! your chocolate addiction sounds serious! chocolate covered fruit is probably my favourite form of chocolate though! and you've just made me incredibly hungry!
    your silk items look amazing! i agree that silk is the greatest thing to wear! sewing with it must be soooo tough though!