Monday, April 27, 2009

Dressform + new injury

Today I picked up my new dressform! Elaine hooked me up with this guy on Chabanel who was selling it for $35...what a steal! The fabric was really stained and torn in a few spots, but it's a Wolf, has collapsible shoulders, and the height is adjustable by an old-school metal pedal. So nice!

I took it apart and made a white "t-shirt", slipped it on, and put all the parts back together. Now it's as good as new.



In the process, I staple-gunned right through my pointer finger. It actually didn't hurt that much....surprising. If you're wondering what the band-aid on my thumb is for...I sewed through that finger yesterday. Guess I can never be a hand model.


  1. So exciting!!! (except for the finger part, ouch!)

  2. ouch! did you sew your thumb with the sewing machine? i did that when i was 11... the needle went straight through the fingernail and out the bottom of my finger twice before snapping in half inside my finger haha, had to go to the ER to have it removed.....

  3. holy perfect professional covering job on your lady friend!!

  4. angie- i know!!! i've never had one before...and this one's a medium, which will come in SO handy!

    castcouture- yes...with the sewing machine but luckily it didn't go all the way through and it was on the side...not on the nail. Uhghgh your story sounds terrifying!!! Did you freak out???

    elaine- thanksssss, it just looks pro but i cheated...jersey solves everything. just pulled that sucker right on!

  5. Yowch! Do you sew by draping or do you make patterns?

  6. I do a bit of both. Usually I just cut away on flat fabric and then see what