Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage by the pound

I went to this giant clothing recycling warehouse the other day with Elaine, Angie, and Marc. It was just 20 minutes outside of an area called St. Hubert. I found lots of men's shirts and Angie found the perfect wedding dress there, for $5! 

This warehouse was one of the craziest places I have ever seen! Floor to ceiling crates of clothing, two floors of workers sorting by category, literally TONS of clothing. I knew people used a lot of clothing, but seeing it all like this was jaw dropping. Think of all the clothing that went straight to the landfill!

This warehouse sends 90% of it to third world countries, where it's resold again. It's so crazy to think that most of our clothing is made in China, then shipped here, then shipped to it's retail location, then it's shipped to Africa. Uhh yeah... that's why I love the shop local feature on Etsy!

Here are some pics from that day (stolen from Elaine):


Wedding time!

Afterwards, we got some junky food....yayyyy. I usually eat really healthy so sometimes it's awesome to eat crap! Elaine and I had a pineapple and anchovy pizza. Hehehehe I know, you probably think it's gross...but we're weird like that.


  1. ohh that is so cool! i would LOVE to rummage through all those shoes. were most of the clothes still in good condition? look forward to seeing what you make with them!

  2. i want more anchovies now now now!!
    i was thirsty for two days after eating that pizza... sooo good....

  3. Oh wow, I wish I could be there!

  4. hi! I'm a brand new reader. I actually stumbled across your blog when i was home, sick from school the other day and had too much time on my hands to click on all kinds of random blog roll links all day...
    its wonderful, and its so great to be reading from a fellow montrealer! too many of my favourite blogs are from elsewhere! its so great to finally hear about the city i live in!
    this vintage place sounds amazing! where is it in st hubert?

  5. castcouture- yes a lot of them were in great shape! I found a lot of really nice silk shirts that I plan on reconstructing.

    cathyvoyage- do they have something like that where you live?

    meaghan kelly- coool!! where in mtl do you live? the address for that warehouse is on their website- . You must go!

  6. Hello Yana! I tagged you if ever you are interested! :-)

  7. p.s. i saw your designs today at La Gaillarde! beauties!

  8. ha ha, the wedding dress is actually nice, there is a lot of people that lives from selling second hand cloth here in mexico and is very common to buy it( well, i dont buy it, but i know people that does), but i get what you said about the reselling process and estination of the items