Friday, March 6, 2009

Video fun time!

Sooo...I've been playing around with my new Macbook...and I made this little video on iMovie. It's basically just some clips from the photoshoot a few weeks ago. Excuse the cheesiness/bad quality...I'm still learning!


  1. NO cheese anywhere here! i don't even know how to begin to do this. you did an excellent job-only bad thing-it was TOO short!

  2. You need to show me how to edit videos!!!

  3. ryder- do you have a mac? they have a program called imovie which makes video editing SO easy....

    se- it's a le tigre song..ahhhh but i cant remember the name...bedroom dancing I think?

    cathy voyage- thank you!

    the weekness- yesss's so easy....let's hang out one day and i'll show you. i want you to help me w/ a new layout for my website...i feel like you're better at that.