Monday, March 16, 2009

Vintage bedsheets

I've been amazed at the wide array of beautiful vintage bedsheets I've been finding in Montreal thrift stores. It's like the general public of Montreal had really great taste from 1965-1975, and then something went terribly wrong. (You should see some of the ugly 80's stuff) Must be something to do with Expo '67?

Usually, if the sheets are queen size, I usually keep them to use as, duh, bedsheets, and if they're twin size I use them as fabric. The patterns are so pretty...why don't they make stuff like this anymore?!?

Here are a few of the latest designs I made using vintage sheets:

If you want to see the details, go look in my etsy shop. 



  1. Seriously! I think if they made new sheets with these patterns people would go nuts for them. What's the big deal, WHY IS NO ONE DOING THIS?!?!?!

  2. you are one creative girl... hilarious, who would ever think bedsheets could look so good as clothes??

  3. You have great work in your blog.
    keep it up.