Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A sneak peak into fall...

I know it's depressing to talk about Fall already....but according to the fashion world I'm super late! So hard to think about fall stuff when it's just beginning to be spring here.

I've finally finished sourcing my materials for the collection, which actually takes so much longer than designing/sewing my samples, especially since I try to use as much vintage/recycled fabric as possible. This fall I'm going to be using a lot of brown, burnt orange, red, and black...

Here's a sneak peak at something I'm really excited about for fall! I designed my own fabric to match this really crazy 70's fabric that I have. The finished product will be some variation of the scarf top.

So fun! If you wanna print your own fabric....check out Spoonflower. I've mentioned them before in a previous post. Seriously the most fun you can have without hard drugs. :-D


  1. Its really amazing! I know I'll definitely want one of these!

  2. i want a dress with that fox print, good lord its AMAZING. please put me on the list. first. :D

  3. :-) you guys are great! thank you!