Monday, January 3, 2011

Sara Guindon + Supayana

I recently did a series of dresses with the talented illustrator Sara Guindon (1/2 of Pin Pals). I initially asked Sara to work with me because I love her illustrations so much, and I think they match my clothing style so well. She made illustrations specifically for this project, and we got the fabric digitally printed on cotton fabric using Spoonflower. (If you don't know about Spoonflower yet, check it out! You can get anything you want digitally printed and there are no minimums! This is the kind of stuff you dream of when you're a fashion designer! Making your own textiles?!?! WAHH!)

Here are some pictures:

Check out Sara's awesome Etsy shop!

Photos by Caroline Lafond (
Modeling by Lisa-Marie Charron

I listed dresses one dress in each size (XS, S, M, and L) in my Etsy shop. The dresses are one of a kind, made from vintage fabric so I can't make the same exact one ever again!


  1. Wow this dress is lovely! Love the illustrations! I also design patterns and illustrations myself in case you want to have a look. ; ) X

  2. thanks ladies!

    gabriela- I just checked out your blog! Such cute designs! LOVE!