Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in the USSR

A few years ago, my mom gave me a giant box of slides from Moscow, ranging from the 1970's to the early 1980's. I know, I know...slides?? Hey, we Russians didn't have access to fancy capitalist technology. Har har...

Amazingly, my tech-hoarding bf Freddy happened to have this crazy contraption that attaches to your scanner specifically for film slides. These were pretty exciting to scan in because I actually don't have that many pictures from my early childhood that weren't professional photos. (I find that candid is always better) Freddy joked that I still dress the same.
Here I am with our neighbor's son on their door swing. Ok, it's true...I would still wear that.
We are so excited about that scrawny Christmas tree!

This picture pretty much sums me up. Cats, doilies, over-the-top wallpaper, and giant hair bows.


  1. these photos from the homeland are amazing!!!!

  2. So amazing! Thanks for sharing Yanaaaaa| :)

  3. Adorable <3

  4. the way you are clutching that cat is so precious like he just lets you hug and squeeze him and everyone is looking at you two pose for the camera. so cute

  5. i would still wear that too! i want wallpaper SO badly, to the point where i thought about buying giant canvases to cover the walls just so i could have some in the place i rent. So fabulous, I have millions of slides at mums place too. should totally dig through them :)

  6. Old photographs offer so much beauty and nostalgia.... This inspires me to look through all of my old Polaroids<3

    love amy ^.^

  7. Oh my god Yana, these are so adorable!