Friday, June 25, 2010

Some cute outfits for summer...

I just added a few new designs to my etsy shop....take a peek.
Even though I've been living in the new house since January, these are actually the first photos I've taken there! (Usually I just take pictures at the studio). That thing I'm standing next to is a vintage washing machine, previously owned by my boyfriend's mother. Apparently it still works, but I'm a little scared to plug it in.

I'm really in love with this kind of over-exposed style of photography. My photographer friend taught me that trick! You know how if you're standing in front of a window and you try to take a photo, you will just look like a black silhouette? Well, if you up the exposure on your camera, the light from the window will look really white, and you'll be able to make out the details of the subject in front of the window. So easy and you get such great, dreamy results!


  1. It's such a cool effect ..feels like lazy hazy days *_*

  2. The vintage washing machine is so cool! And you clothing is wonderful!

  3. super cute outfits.come follow me xoxo