Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jen Storey

My friend Jen just opened up her etsy shop recently, and I wanted to share her work with you guys! She does mostly woodcut printing, painting, and digital collage work.

Here are just some of my favorite digital collages that she's done. This particular series touches on the subject of environmental destruction and deforestation...

Here's how they look hanging in her dining room!

Some fun facts about Jen Storey-

She's my upstairs neighbor and co-owns the house with me, Freddy, and James! She's got two 16 year old cats! She cooks delicious vegetarian food and is always feeding everyone who comes over. She is one of the most generous people I know. She really, really, really likes cherries!

Here's me and Jen in Mexico....with a sea cat named Pancetta!


  1. Unless I just completely missed it I don't think you posted an actual link to her shop :) but I googled her and I loveeeeeeee these.

  2. Hi Sara! OHHHH I'm the worst blogger're right....I completely forgot to add her link! I went back and added it though :-) Glad you like her shop.

  3. Aww... this is so great! I'll definitely check out her shop!