Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally...new things on Etsy!

I haven't been able to list new things on Etsy in a while, but I just did it! Whew! New tops and lots of cute vintage items.

There are lots of things happening in my life right now. They include:

1. My friends Jen & James, Freddy (my bf), and I are buying a house together! We've been looking for about a year and we finally found it! It's a nice duplex in Verdun, directly across the street from a park and a metro. Our offer was accepted and we've been shopping around for the best mortgage all week, plus gathering all the documents needed. Soooo time consuming! Our move in date is in January....eep!!!

2. Our cat Otto got super sick with pneumonia when I was in Paris, and Freddy had to take him to the vet. Poor Otto had to stay there overnight for a few days, but he's almost 100% better now. He still has a teeny cough sometimes, but overall he is back to his regular playful self again. Now we're just monitoring him and giving him his pills (which is not a fun task, btw). He's really sweet and doesn't try to claw or bite when we give him the pills though, but he definitely tries to fight us. I'm glad he's doing ok.

3. I'm moving into a for-real studio space with Angie, Marc, and Michelle in December! I'm sooo excited to take Supayana to the next level! By next level, I mean actually wearing pants. Yes, no more working in my pajamas....no more working from home! The space is awesome...it's a 2000 square feet industrial space with bigggg windows. Another nice thing is that it's in a building with lots of other artists/designers/screenprinters, etc, so it will be cool to see what kinds of collabs will come out of it. We're gonna build a showroom in the space, too. Exciting!

Here are two new things that I just listed. Same style as before, but these are in different colors/patterns.


  1. love the first top!


  2. aww great new additions!!! And I hope your kitty is feeling better!!!! Sick animals is no fun!! :(

  3. keep up the good work!
    love your concepts, very inspiring!