Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's getting really cold outside and the leaves are slowly falling off the trees. I think I actually cried last year when winter was starting. Just so you know, I've never cried about weather in my life. Although we have winters in NY, they are nothing compared to Montreal. Think -20 C and so much snow that you don't see the sidewalk for 5 months.

On the bright side, I guess it really makes you appreciate spring and summer so much more. I love that feeling in the city when the snow melts and spring is finally starting. Everyone is just so happy and the vibe is indescribable. A lot of people love fall, but it just makes me sad because it means that winter is right around the corner. :-(

For now, I'll enjoy the changing colors, spend some quality time indoors, and snuggle up to my kitties. I can't promise I won't cry again...


  1. You're lucky.. you didn't have snow yet... Here yes.. :o) But it was a beautiful show!

  2. cute cat! it was cool here in Louisiana but it warmed up again :(

  3. oh, don't cry! :) that room looks like a really good place to hide from the snow!