Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photoshoot with Vanessa

These are some photos from last week! I got to work with three awesome girls- Vanessa (model), Irem (photographer), and Julie (hair and makeup). We took all of the photos at my house. Vanessa is soooo pretty! She's super nice and smart, too. She's learning Chinese! Some people have it all....not fair!! :-(

Photography- Irem Harnak 
Modeling- Vanessa Pilon
Makeup- Julie Magnan

I have more photos but I'll post them another day!


  1. These are great! Your model really makes the outfits look so polished.

  2. Really, really nice. I love the first outfit, particularly (and it makes me want magenta tights).

  3. You don't give yourself enough're extremely talented AND you're beautiful! That being said, these look great:)

  4. Your stuff is so pretty!! I especially love that blouse with the tie. :)

  5. hey, great designs!
    we'd love to do a feature on you sometime, send us a note if you're up for it ;)

    Lo & Ruch