Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love trades!

Maybe it's the Russian communist in me, but I really love the idea of trading. I recently did a trade with the lovely Diana of A Touch of Vintage. I got this amaaaazing vintage scalloped front dress in exchange for something from my etsy shop. I can't get enough scalloped edged things in my life...

Check out her shop here.

Now, if only bartering could pay for this new Macbook...eeeep :-(


  1. You dirty commie! ;) I also love trades, but unfortunately most of the people who ask to trade with me have little to offer. I love when people are like, "Hey, want to trade that handmade dress for this old blink-182 t-shirt and a chapstick?!"

  2. lol! ohhh nooooo blink 182 shirt, haha!

    actually, i emailed the seller asking her about measurements, and it turned out she was coveting something in my shop...just by coincidence! i've never tried to trade w/ etsy sellers before cause i don't really know how to approach someone about it. I wouldn't want to offend anyone. also...there are times where i just need money and then if someone asks me for a trade it makes me feel bad saying no. hmph i wonder if there are any trade etiquette rules out there?!