Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NY and Pennsylvania

Here are a few photos of my recent trip to NY and Pennsylvania (where my parents now live!) I spent most of the time catching up with friends and family. I still can't believe I haven't been back since April...time really does fly.

Overall the trip was very inspiring, and I came home with my mind full of new ideas! I spent a lot of time (and a little too much money!) in the garment district. I'm currently finishing up my Spring/Summer 2011 collection right now so I purchased some really beautiful cotton/silk blends and silks from my favorite mill-end fabric supplier. I'm really hoping to step my next collection up a notch....still using a lot of vintage/recycled stuff and throwing in fancy mill-end fabrics. I'll be sure to post a sneak peak very soon!

My friend Jenny and I walked over the Williamsburg Bridge to hang out in Chinatown and then the Lower East Side. I ate an entire cup of banana pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

My sister's cutie cat in Jersey City.

Erin, Me, and Stella

My sister in her husband's new studio in Long Island City

My mom (really far in the distance) and my dad when we went mushroom picking at a park in Pennsylvania.

"Funhouse" near P.S. 1

Felix and I at "The Blue Stove"- a really yummy pie place in Brooklyn.
Dinner w/ Erin and the ladies...

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