Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boudoir/Dressing room inspiration

Yay! I found some great dressing room inspiration pictures. We have a teeny 6' x 12' spare room that we currently use as our "junk" room. Whenever we can't find a place for something, we put it there. Or we end up storing our bikes in it. It's a really bad habit! My super sweet bf has agreed to let me use the extra room as my walk in closet ;-D (Really buttering him up right now...)

Truth be told, my clothing could be organized a lot better. Right now I have clothes in different closets all over the house because we don't have enough storage space. For example, my shoes are in the kitchen, winter shoes are in the basement, my dresses are in an armoire in the "junk" room, and my t-shirts, jeans, and sleeping stuff is in the bedroom. Yikes!

Here are some great pictures I found online.
This one looks about the size of our room, so it's probably the most realistic.

Ahh so pretty. I love Victorian style things...
This room is huge! I like the floor to ceiling shoe rack.
Oh just threw this in there for fun. I have a weakness for ceiling medallions.

I hope I can get motivated to do this! I find I'm really slow when it comes to doing anything with the house. I guess it's because I'm so used to renting and it's hard to think past painting the walls...eeep!


  1. Sounds like a brilliant project! My other half just recently relinquished part of his half of the wardrobe. :)

    A walk in wardrobe sounds dreamy..
    you gonna craft a ceiling medallion for it? ;-)

  2. ohhh what an exciting project!!! time to splurge on some of that fancy wallpaper!!!

  3. How funny you posted this. I have just moved my clothes rail from downstairs in the storage room into my bedroom, now it makes my entire bedroom look like a walk-in wardrobe. Here's a tip. Hang 2 garments on one hanger, front of the garment facing out on both sides so you just need to look at both sides of the 1 hanger to see what the garment looks like. Also, looking at your first image, if you're sticking in a little stool, try and choose one that opens up inside! More storage!

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do in this room. Designing my dressing room was the most fun room in the house to do!

    xxo, jenny