Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Supayana Fall 2010

Here's what I've been working on for fall. Everything you see here is made from either vintage deadstock, recycled, or organic fabrics.

Izzy dress
Fully lined stretch wool dress with a tailored fit. I named it the Izzy dress because my lovely intern Isabelle helped develop the pattern for the dress! We both learned a lot and I think the dress came out fantastic.

Eudicot top
This cute petaled collared, tailored blouse is made from wine colored mens' button up shirts. A "eudicot" is any flower that has four petals...if you're wondering why I named it that.

Organic cotton Night Sailing dress

This dress is made from black organic cotton with a black stretch lace inset and a sequined appliqué.

Aurora top
This blouse is made from deadstock 1950's cotton fabric! What a rare treat, to find over 20 meters of this fabric....completely untouched from ages ago. The reverse of the ties is a pale blush colored linen.

Grey wool pompom skirt, fully lined with vintage fabric.

Photos by Matthew Kristjan.
Modeling by Marcela Lazaro.


  1. You never cease to amaze. Love them.

  2. Success! It was so much fun working with you :)

    An honor :)

  3. not only do i love the pieces in your fall collection, but i adore the way you styled all of them! Florals with neutral toned wool? genius!

  4. I just purchased the Izzy dress to be the dress I get married in this winter. It is gorgeous and is so so right for the party.

    Now if you (anyone) have any suggestions for what how to build an complete outfit for the wedding (earrings? boots? shoes? tights? hat?) I would really appreciate it!

  5. Wow!! I am sooo flattered that you bought this dress to be your wedding dress! :-D

    Did you buy it online, or at one of the retail locations?

    Hmmm, how to accessorize for a special event....

    I love the shoes on modcloth:

    There are some really dressy ones and they still have a certain "vintage" look....

    As for a headpiece or a little are a few nice ones I found on etsy:

    Or you could pick a really bright color, to make it look a little more fun.

    Hmmmm could be fun to have some textured tights or lace tights like the one the model is wearing! I am pretty sure you will be able to find tights like that almost anywhere now....check H&M!

  6. Thank you for the input...esp with the head pieces, I think the first is exactly right!

    Shoes may be where I add a splash of colour.

    Once I know what I am making my maid of honour wear I would figure out my footwear.