Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...and the flowers and the trees

I am so excited for warm weather! I really can't wait to start growing things in our backyard. I ordered a bunch of seeds and starter plants from Richters. I made my order over the phone (Oooh fancy and old fashioned) and the lady was so sweet. I guess all gardeners are just nice by nature.

I seriously spent two weeks pouring over the catalogue until I figured out exactly what I wanted. I had to shorten my list because it was getting out of control. They had so many cool plants! Like, they have starter kits to grow your own mushrooms (not the magic kind, hehe). I had to draw the line somewhere and I ended up getting these:

-Blackberry (yum!)
-Bay Laurel (this is the plant bay leaves come from)
-Stevia (the leaves taste like sugar!)
-German chamomile
-Indigo (I'm going to try to make my own dye!)

Anyway, that should be enough for the first little while! I'll probably buy tomatoes and other common herbs at a local garden center. Most of the edible plants I'll have to grow in planters, cause I'm pretty sure we'd grow extra limbs if we ate stuff grown in the backyard soil. Oh and I know this sounds crazy, but is it true that your soil is contaminated if you live within a few blocks of a dry cleaner? Somebody told me that and I wasn't sure...

Here's Freddy raking stuff in our tiny backyard :-)

Those of you who are wondering why I haven't been posting anything new on etsy lately....well I've been sewing like crazy for wholesale orders (and looking at seed catalogues). Here are a few stores that will be carrying new Supayana stock this Spring!

-Revival (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)
-Emerging Thoughts (online shop)
-Rosie's Handmade Revolution (Bellport, NY, USA)
-Jupon Pressé (Quebec City, QC, Canada, opening May 1st 2010)

Hoping that some of you who read this blog can check some of these stores out!


  1. i'm flaming up with jealousy!!!
    ahhhh i'd plant the whole damn place with kale & fruits.
    so luckyyyy! <3<3

  2. Awwww Stella! Don't be jealous! I'll feed you all sorts of garden treats when you and Matthew come and visit me this summer! Hint hint! Hehe...yeah I kind of wish I could just go nuts in the backyard, but it's half Jen & James' too...and James is a landscaper so he wants to do his own thing as well.

  3. Very cool, Yana. I think you made excellent seed choices! I'm super excited about you selling at an Iowa City store.