Friday, March 26, 2010

My favorite soap

Ok, I know it's kind of lame to do a post about soap...but it's literally taken me years to find the perfect soap. Plus, I like to spread the word about other small businesses that I admire. I've tried lots of handmade soaps, and Mooka is hands-down my favorite in terms of quality, all-natural ingredients, and scent. I've found that a lot of handmade soaps are only good as hand soaps, but Mooka's are great in the shower, as well. You don't get that weird tight skin feeling after you use it.

I find her scents to be really soft and sophisticated. No gross neon pink "bubble gum" soap here. Haha. My favorites are yuzu (japanese grapefruit), plum blossom and silk, and patchouli and hemp. The patchouli and hemp one sounds really hippie, but it smells sooo good!

I just bought this batch:
Nice minimal packaging = less waste! I approve!

Brick and mortar shop: 3412 Saint-Antoine Ouest, Montreal QC (St Henri metro)
Online shop: Mooka Soap on Etsy

Read an interview with Carolyn here.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to have somebody else do the research :)

  2. I love hearing honest reviews about products from Etsy. Especially when it has anything to do with bath products! Will spread the word. :)

  3. Maren and Jessica- I know! There are just so many products out there on etsy so it's good when someone narrows it down. Do you guys have any favorites that I should try?

  4. that seems like a lot of soap. you're going to be so clean!!