Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm baaaack! Freddy and I went to Mexico with 6 of our friends. My first time going anywhere tropical! I fell in love with the architecture and the colors. I also really enjoyed the different kinds of plants they have. One that I especially liked was a giant tree that had thorns like a rose. There was another tree whose leaves feel like sandpaper (people use it to exfoliate their feet). So cool! Unfortunately our friend Marc rubbed that leaf on his bare back and broke out in hives. We all had to laugh at him about his enthusiasm. Oh and don't worry, the hives went away the next day.

Here are some highlights:

Beautiful mansion in Merida

We went swimming in a cenote (underwater cave). I was really scared but I got peer pressured into doing it :-D

Mayan temple at Uxmal

Mexican Market in Merida

Waiting for the sunset in Holbox.

Where we stayed.

Panchetta, the sea cat!

Paldo the kitten and Marc

Amanda and Paldo

Me, Jen, and Panchetta


  1. awwwwww man great pictures Yana! What a mansion in that first one!! Wow!
    And I think you're the bravest for swimming in one of those cave thingies. I always told myself I'd have to do it if I ever went, but I think I'm too chicken!!!!

  2. How awesome!! Looks like you had a blast. Aren't cenotes amazing? My husband tried to get me to zip line across one that was 60 ft deep, but no way! I did go snorkeling in one and there is a whole different world underwater!