Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time for a cat post!

Tyson and Angie got our kitties this super cute cardboard cat house for Christmas. It's made by a local Montreal company called Loyal Luxe. Check them out! It's so well designed and it's an affordable treat for your pets at $20. (I promise I don't work for them...I just really like promoting cool small companies!)

Here's my black cat Otto stepping out of his cottage.

How cute, it comes with a bunch of laser cut these antlers!
I see you...

And of course...I couldn't resist making a video :-)

P.S. Excuse the mess in our house...we were in the middle of packing!


  1. arrrgh! wish i could speak french. these are toooo cute!

  2. My kids make us watch this over and over b/c your kitty looks just like our 19 year old kitty, Goody, who we just lost. :(
    Thanks for posting your sweet darlings and congrats on the new place! It looks amazing!