Sunday, August 9, 2009

Playing dress up

From left to right it's me, Angie, Amanda, Elaine, and Judy.

It's uncanny that most of my friends design clothing or jewelry...I guess birds of a feather really do flock together! Amanda suggested we play dress up to mix and match our designs.
It was so fun to document the outcome!

Here's me in a Groggy dress, a Roadkill belt, and MiJu necklace. Angie's wearing a Supayana top, and a Groggy skirt.
Here's Judy in a Groggy top, vintage hat, and Supayana skirt.

Here's Amanda in a Supayana top, and Norwegian Wood leggings. They're new and will be in her shop next week! Oooo you're getting a sneak peak here :-)

Here's Elaine in a Roadkill skirt and a Norwegian Wood harness.


  1. ah, i agree with the first commenter!

    not to sound like a creeper, but i've been a huge fan of yours for literally years! i remember when you just had like an ebay store or whatever. i always wanted to buy something from you but i was afraid it wouldn't fit (i have a ridiculously small waist, huge hips, and big boobs haha).

    keep being awesome :P

  2. it's amazing how all of your collections style so well together, they look lovely <3