Sunday, June 28, 2009

Expect the unexpected

I never thought I would do a hockey post, EVER in my life, but I was so moved by something I read about Georges Laraque, a player for the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

Ok, firstly, those of you non-Canadians reading this, you have to try to grasp how huge hockey is here. Hockey players are celebrities, as in, people actually recognize them if they see them on the street. Everyone watches hockey- grandmas, schoolteachers, even hipsters. Weird, right?

Anyway, someone on my FB mentioned Georges Laraque being vegan, and I became curious and went to his website. I was surprised to find a super sincere, heartfelt, and touching letter on his page, explaining why he chose to be vegan. I hate admitting when I'm wrong, but this really changes the way I feel about hockey players. I always thought they were big macho jocks who have road rage and really like steak. I guess it's wrong to stereotype.

I just find it really awesome that Laraque is willing to risk his "manliness", especially since acting "tough" and psyching out the other team is a huge part of the game. I also think he is able to reach an audience that might never have thought about animal rights before.

Georges Laraque, I have never had a favorite hockey player, but you are now my #1.

(Aw, he does yoga, too. So cute!)


  1. Ha! I am Canadian and I don't watch hockey.... I would not know a hockey player if he was standing in front of my face... but then again, that is probably true of most celebrities from any country!

    But I must agree it is very interesting indeed that this hockey player is redefining the stereotype, wouldn't it be nice if he helped his audience become more conscious by being a good example? (that isn't to try to criticize meat eaters; you can be a conscious meat eater if you make conscious choices about where your meat is coming from, how it is raised and how much you choose to consume thereby being aware of how much of an impact you make)