Friday, May 22, 2009

My first loaf of home-made bread!

I borrowed a breadmaker from my boyfriend's mom and today I made my first loaf! Since I've never made bread before, I decided to keep it simple- whole wheat and honey. I couldn't believe how easy it was...and how delicious it came out! I literally put all the ingredients in, pressed a button, and voila!

The next loaf I make will be fancy! Mmmmm parmesan, olives, rosemary....the possibilities are endless! (I love bread!)


  1. mmm my breadmaker i inherited from my grandparents and is now 12 years old! i tried to make raisin bread in it the other night and all that came out was a small windowless building haha, solid as a rock! love using the dough function and turning out focaccia bread yummm

  2. mmmm i am excited to use the dough function! apparently you can make pasta dough with it, too! i've done it by hand before and it's such a pain.